Does The “Establishment” Hate Ron Paul?

 Ron Paul is a Republican Candidate for President of the United States.  He is a throw-back to Thomas Jefferson and other Founding Fathers who believed in the concepts of liberty, limited government and the sovereignty of individuals and nations – cornerstones of 19th century conservatism and the early Republican Party.  In 2012, Ron Paul is running a well-financed, issue-oriented campaign that is attracting millions of voters to the political process and to the GOP.

Given these positives, one would think that the Republican Party power bosses would love Ron Paul.  But, they have, in fact, been doing everything they can to sabotage his campaign.  This makes one wonder.  Why is the Republican “establishment” down on him?  Do they not like Ron Paul personally or, is it that they do not like what Ron Paul represents?

He’s been a right-libertarian/fiscal-conservative his whole political career.  He is one who commits himself to a position and passionately sticks with it no matter what the consequences, an incredibly rare trait for a politician.   So again, why is it that the Republican “establishment” dislikes Ron Paul?  Is it his personna or, is it his ideology that disturbs establishment Republicans to the point where they want to throw this amaiable little Texas doc right over the walls of the Alamo?

It’s not Paul himself!  It’s that there is no room in today’s Republican Party for Ron Paul’s libertarian ideology!  Libertarianism was banished from the GOP one hundred years ago!  It became a “taboo” in GOP power circles around 1913 when the Federal Reserve System was created in America.  At that point, traditional libertarian-conservatism was driven from the GOP at all levels because of the threat it posed to the monied interests (international bankers/oligarchs) who took over, not just the GOP but, the entire political system in our country – including the Democrat Party.  Paul is trying to reintroduce libertarianism to the GOP and, the “powers that be” are going all out to stop it!

The Paul campaign is exposing two disturbing realities connected to today’s American political system (and both major political parties): 1.) The system is of, by and for the monied-elite (plutocrats and oligarchs).  2.) Whatever the average American sees, reads or hears from main stream media about the political process is handed to them through a prism of deceit and lies that are created, filtered and controlled by the elite.

Ron Paul’s liberty-minded campaign is sounding the alarm.  It is awakening people to the political realities existing in America today and, those realities are not good.  A Ron Paul presidency would put an end to “establishment politics” and the GOP power bosses know it. And, it would put and end to the reign of the oligarchs and plutocrats and, they know it, as well – which explains the “establishment’s” disdain for a Ron Paul candidacy.


About An American Citizen

Libertarian/Republican rabble-rouser dedicated to getting at the truth relative to matters impacting American politics, the state of our goverment and country.
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