Libertarianism’s Disappearance & Resurgence

For many years, libertarianism was the backbone of the Republican Party. It was banished from the GOP around the time the Robber Barons and criminal international bankers captured our system of government with their Federal Reserve central banking system (central banking is one of the 10 planks in Marx’s manifesto for imposing communism on a civilization).

Libertarianism is unacceptable to the ruling power elite because it champions independence/sovereignty of the person, limited government and limited central authority, civil and human rights, and constitutionalism. Libertarianism is the antithesis of autocracy, plutocracy, socialism and statism.

If libertarianism was banished from the Republican Party, what was it replaced with? A phony brand of ‘conservatism’ – an amalgam of bogus, highly partisan right-wing ideology (right-wing – because in the fraudulent political paradigm elites use to maintain their reign over government and society, classes must be given the illusion of choice in the process – an ‘either’ or an ‘or!’ – partisan because partisanship is the glue that keeps the left/right political paradigm together while keeping the masses divided).

But alas, libertarianism is making a great resurgence in America- and, it is extending far beyond its original home in the GOP. People are waking up to the Noble Lies and deceit of the elite’s two-party political system and, they’re starting to reject the progressivism of the left and the fascism of the right that are both tied inseparably to the paradigm of elitism and authoritarianism.

About An American Citizen

Libertarian/Republican rabble-rouser dedicated to getting at the truth relative to matters impacting American politics, the state of our goverment and country.
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