Bastions of Libertarianism

Bastions of libertarianism have always existed in the GOP. And, they’ve shown themselves in this election process — so much so, that it has, in fact, rocked the political establishment (the plutarchy of elites, oligarchs, plutocrats, progressives, neocons, international bankers, and globalists).


Why does ‘the establishment’ fear libertarianism? Because, in its quest for truth, liberty exposes tyranny. It is no overstatement to say that the current libertarian movement (led by Ron Paul) has caught on in America. It has opened millions of eyes – exposing the fraudulent left/right partisan political paradigm, the corrupt two-party system and the tyranny behind it. Principled libertarianism has found its place once again in its logical home – the Republican Party. And, this is scaring the be-geezus out of the plutarchy.


Rather than take a chance on a GOP (and a Romney) that is being overtaken by the tide of liberty, it would seem that the plutarchy is more than willing to prop up in whatever way (even by cheating in the election or creating ‘False Flags’) – the empty suit — Obama. One must not forget that like Romney, Obama is bought and paid for by the establishment. Do not be surprised to see a big Obama win.


Hang on to your hats liberty-lovers, stay vigilant and work for self-reliance and freedom. And, above all, educate the public about the evils of despotism and how they can be conquered through the promise of liberty.


About An American Citizen

Libertarian/Republican rabble-rouser dedicated to getting at the truth relative to matters impacting American politics, the state of our goverment and country.
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