JUSTICE – ‘what is justice?’ asked Plato and Socrates. And, then they debated whether ‘justice’ was worth the trouble. Not in the eyes of the elites who control the world (and, by their wealth and power meter out ‘justice’ as they see fit)! But, for the common man ‘justice’ is a right! It must be a right. And, it must be fair. Justice is a principle of our democratic constitution and that’s why the elites want to destroy the constitution. Because a long time ago, they answered the Platonic/Socratic question of justice and determined that for the ruling elite, justice IS NOT worth the trouble and only stands in the way of keeping the masses enslaved!


About An American Citizen

Libertarian/Republican rabble-rouser dedicated to getting at the truth relative to matters impacting American politics, the state of our goverment and country.
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