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Libertarian/Republican rabble-rouser dedicated to getting at the truth relative to matters impacting American politics, the state of our goverment and country.

Socialism: Antithesis of Liberty

As, politicians, corporatists and ‘intellectuals’ extoll the virtues of socialism and march our country full steam ahead to the collective, those misguided souls who think that there is no other solution for humanity than socialism would be well advised to … Continue reading

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If you’re getting scorned and ridiculed for expressing your political views, it’s probably because you’re still stuck in the phony left/right paradigm and can only see things through a left or right perspective. That’s EXACTLY what the power brokers (the … Continue reading

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Constitution – A Living or Breathing Document?

Some people (citizens, judges and politicians for example) consider the U.S. Constitution a ‘living, breathing document!’ How can that be? It looks like a piece of paper to me with a charter on it to the citizens. I don’t see … Continue reading

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The Political Debate

The political debate in America should be about liberty and open and honest government. But, you’ll never have that debate within our two party system because both parties are controlled by a group of elites who rule from the shadows … Continue reading

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Our State Department

Our State Department works in cahoots with the ‘money-powers’ to control the world’s resources as they can. And, when they have to do so, to gain control, they’ll create ‘false-flag’s and bogus wars! It’s that simple. That’s U.S. foreign policy … Continue reading

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Populist political movements in America tend to develop and operate outside of the left/right partisan political paradigm (that wealthy elites ┬áto maintain control over politics, government and society). Modern day populism promotes liberty, which pose a threat to oligarchs, plutocracy … Continue reading

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NSA’s Spying

The NSA’s spying on the American people isn’t a left vs. right issue. The issue is individual privacy vs. government spying. The NSA’s actions are violating our constitutional rights– and, every American should be outraged by what is going on. … Continue reading

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